The Counties plan in assigning addresses makes it relatively easy to locate a residence by knowing the house number and street name. All roads that run predominantly N/S are identified as County Roads and numbered by intervals of 10 from the Lawrence County Line. All roads that run predominantly E/W are named roads using the alphabetical row designation that applies dependent on how far North of the Newton County Line the road is. All roads that Dead End will be designated as Lanes and named or numbered according to their predominant direction . Addresses on the N&W sides will end in an odd number. Addresses on the S&E sides will end in an even number.

Address assignment is calculated based on the geographic location of the driveway access. This process involves a field technician driving to the building site and taking a GPS reading of the driveway location. The GPS data is then loaded into our GIS system and a measurement is done from a known location (a major intersection). The measurement from the known location to the GPS point is then divided by 5.28 as there are 5280 feet in a mile and then added or subtracted from the intersections address.

In the example below a new house is 3,815 ft West of County Road 180 and on the South side of Apple Rd. Divide 3,815 by 5.28 = 722. Add 722 to 18000 to give you the new address of 18722 Apple Road.